Poshmark Announces PoshMatch, the First Social Merchandising Engine That Turns Any Woman Into a Stylist

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Poshmark mobilizes its community of millions; creates new way to shop fashion online and navigate over 6 million items to discover your perfect style

MENLO PARK, Calif.—August 26, 2014—Today Poshmark, the largest destination for buying and selling women’s fashion, is launching PoshMatch, the first social merchandising engine that combines community curation and algorithmic technology to match shoppers to merchandise based on their social activity in the app. With PoshMatch, each shopper is greeted with their own real-time storefront built from their personal fashion shopping network and their style preferences. The social merchandising engine constantly learns from the shopper to match them with new closets, merchandise and now stylists creating an experience unlike any other fashion shopping destination.

From creating your own boutique via virtual closets to becoming curators of over 6 million items for sale, Poshmark’s community is changing the way women buy and sell fashion. With the launch of PoshMatch, women essentially become fashion stylists, helping each other shop by sharing what they find and love among Poshmark’s 5,000 brands. PoshMatch customizes each woman’s experience by serving up the best fashion finds that match her personal taste, connecting her to closets she might want to shop and introducing her to new stylists that she should be following.

Whether you’re sharing a pair of shoes you’re coveting or liking a friend’s dress in her closet, PoshMatch’s technology uses a smart algorithm to learn your unique style over time and recommend items you’ll love–much like the Facebook newsfeed—even changing over time as your style evolves.

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Key features of PoshMatch:

  • Sharing is now styling! A new “Shop My Shares” tab allows users to browse and shop the items you are personally styling from other closets
  • A dynamic, personalized shopping feed that constantly updates to reflect what you and your network are styling, following and liking, alongside items that match your unique style graph
  • Real-time price drop notifications that let you know when an item you liked goes on sale
  • Real-time matching of social follows to your brand preferences
  • “About Me” section in your profile that showcases your changing brand affinities based on your style graph

To date, Poshmark’s community has already the marketplace. This natural behavior of sharing is making it even easier for women to shared over 500 million fashion items in the marketplace. Women are styling merchandise like crazy, sharing 15 items per second in discover merchandise, which results in an order placed every 10-15 seconds on the app. With such vibrant engagement, it’s clear that social sharing is the key to scaling discovery, and ultimately sales, in Poshmark’s massive marketplace.

“The future of shopping is being built around social networks that foster relationships beyond buying and selling, where women have a platform to express their individual style, browse and help each other discover fashion together,” said Manish Chandra, CEO and founder of Poshmark. “By measuring shoppers’ preferences in real time and connecting them to fashion they desire and women just like them, Poshmark is building the social shopping destination of the future for millions of women across the country.”

Poshmark’s PoshMatch is now available within the latest update to the app and available to download for iOS in the App Store. Poshmark plans to upgrade its Android App (available via Google Play) and website (www.poshmark.com) with the new PoshMatch features in the near future.

About Poshmark

Poshmark is the largest destination for buying and selling women’s fashion. The company’s vibrant community brings fashion lovers together to share their individual style, turning every closet in America into a unique shopping experience. Founded in February 2011, Poshmark is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA. For more information, please visit www.poshmark.com.