Poshmark Introduces PoshPost, the First-Ever Shipping Label Designed for the Closet Sharing Economy

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Leading fashion marketplace makes shipping any fashion, from small jewelry to large handbags, simple with one label for fast shipping across the country

MENLO PARK, Calif.—March 18, 2014—Today Poshmark, one of the largest destinations for buying and selling women’s fashion, announces it has collaborated with the United States Postal Service, to introduce PoshPost, a revolutionary USPS shipping label designed specifically for fashion. Poshmark allows women to create virtual closets via their mobile phones where they can easily sell their clothes and shop other women’s closets across America. With the introduction of the PoshPost label, women can now ship any item of fashion under five pounds anywhere in the U.S., providing for a perfect fit for this new behavior of mobile shopping.

The PoshPost label eliminates any worry associated with shipping, such as weighing and calculating the cost to and from different Zip-Code zones and which box to choose. This new label streamlines shopping on the marketplace and marks the country’s lowest price for 2-3 day priority shipping at just $4.99. Best of all, it’s available to anyone without the need to pay membership fees for shipping services.

Whether mailing a piece of jewelry, a pair of boots, a large handbag or even a whole outfit, the universal PoshPost fashion label makes shipping simple, flexible and fast for women who are selling in the closet sharing economy. With over 1.5 million items bought and sold in 2013, Poshmark’s mobile-first marketplace is changing where and how women shop, unleashing a wave of closet entrepreneurs who are creating new businesses right from their phones.

“Some days I ship over 10 packages right from my home, in all different shapes and sizes,” said Poshmark user, Ashley Diedrich of Arkansas. “I’m thrilled that Poshmark and the USPS are teaming up on PoshPost and removing all barriers around shipping so that I can better serve my customers. It’s a win-win situation– the women shopping my closet will be more likely to buy, their purchases will always get to them quickly, and I’ll get paid on my sales even faster.”

With the creation of this unique label, both Poshmark and the USPS are changing the way fashion is shipped in the U.S. Poshmark also joins the ranks of eBay and Amazon as one of few commerce brands to innovate within the shipping industry at a mass scale.

The PoshPost label is free for all Poshmark sellers, and offers complete flexibility for getting all types of fashion orders out the door fast. Here’s how it works:

  • Any size: You can ship your box up to five pounds with each label. With 99.5 percent of orders placed on Poshmark weighing in under five pounds, almost any fashion order can be shipped with the PoshPost shipping label.
  • Always fast: Every order ships with 2-3 day Priority Mail. This means buyers get their goods more quickly and sellers get paid faster than any other shipping system for fashion.

“Buying and selling in a fashion marketplace should be fun and simple. At Poshmark, it is important to us that we are constantly innovating to provide the easiest platform for women to participate in the closet sharing economy,” said Manish Chandra, CEO and founder of Poshmark. “By keeping things simple, sellers on Poshmark are shipping at record speeds that rival e-tailers like Amazon, Gilt Groupe, and Zappos, which keeps their customers coming back for more. We’re excited to partner with the USPS to not only offer the easiest and fastest delivery option for fashion with PoshPost, but also since USPS reaches every address across America, our community can continue to shop each other’s closets no matter where they are.”

To download the app for iOS and Android, visit the App Store or Google Play.

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